Mother Moon is a very popular print. She is come as a single, 4  prints, or full print. She is printed in various metalic shades of a fabric ink. The tones can be mixed on each bag or all the same.The bags are washing machine safe.  Bags can be 7 or 9 inches in width.


Bags are made after your order is placed and will take between 1-2 weeks to complete. 


**Custom orders available. Please send me an email via the Contact page for order details and pricing.

Mother Moon

Ink Color
  • This product is made using a medium weight, 100% cotton canvas. The heat-set fabric ink makes it possible to wash these bags. The canvas plus the washability(I'm pretty sure that's not a real word) of the bags ensures that what ever you decide to use this bag for (makeup, pencils, carving tools, rocks...etc.) you know that the bags will withstand almost anything you throw in them. 

    Wash in cold water with like colors. If the bag has a METAL zipper, I suggest washing in a garment bag to protect the other items in the wash from snags. Hang or lay flat to dry to prevent warping of the bag.

    A band of color can be added to any bag size for an additional $10 added to the price of selected variations. Band color availability may change. If you would like a colored band, please specifiy that in a messag at time of purchase.