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Sophie the Studio Cat


Hi, I'm Sophie! I am the studio cat and logo inspiration for Juel Studios! I help my mom with most everything she does in the studio.

Some of my favorite things to do in the studio are laying in the studio windows and watching the birds, drinking clay/paint water, helping mom make things, rearranging still life set ups, laying in the sun and playing in the shipping boxes! 

Some things I enjoy outside of the studio include cheese, walkies,  naps, and laying on the deck. 

A little about Sophie:


Sophie came from a friend's farm in Northern Minnesota. She was about six months old at the time that she was brought to me. Since then, she has been with me through the remainder of my undergraduate degrees as well as our 1,200 mile journey from North Dakota to New Jersey. 


While in the studio she mostly watches the birds and investigates what ever project I'm working on. The photos below are the typical ways she interjects herself into my projects. I have had to rib so many paw prints out of platters! It's rarely dull when Sophie is around.

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