Caroline Juel


When asked which medium is my favorite or what "kind" of artist I am, I don't usually have a straight forward answer.

I usually refer to myself as a "multi-interested creator" or a craftsman. I find it very difficult to stick to one medium or one process for too long. At any given time I have three or more on-going projects in multiple mediums, so my studio (and usually also my living room) is a disaster because of this. 

I usually get involved in projects that have an interesting process. The art of making is about process and if that process is not enjoyable, it usually isn't for me. The majority of the work I make has some kind of multi-step process because the steps that make up the process  are what makes that work fun for me. 

Picking up a new medium or craft and adding it to my resume is something I always enjoy doing. Inspiration for making doesn't just happen with one medium for me. As long as I am making, I am happy.

I have recently moved into a NEW studio in Flemington, NJ! Moving into this space has allowed me to grow my work and pick up processes that I haven't had space to do in years! Having  this larger space for my creative pursuits has been a wonderful adventure!

However, I still like to make work from home when I can. I enjoy being home to make my work because I feel that when I am at home, I can spend more time on it to really make it how I want it to be. Another perk of working at home is my cat, Sophie, enjoys coming to supervise and quality check the work. 

My dream is to one day open a community studio where I can make my work, rent space to other artists whose living situations don't allow for a proper studio space, and have enough room to partner with schools and other institutions in the area and add to or support their curriculum. 



BFA Art Education

BA Ceramics

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